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Many years after the long summer holidays with my grandparents, Elizabeth and John Agnew, on their farm in Dunrora, in Redhills, Co Cavan, I decided to write about my memories. The journey there from Cambridge, joining in the hay-making, playing with cousins from Donegal, the dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows and chickens.

Then I found I was also making maps of the places and drawings. The more I got into the memories the task of fetching a pail of drinking water from the well in Kivvy Wood became my main focus.

A simple task with a profound meaning.

After I wrote "Every Drop of Water", memories of summer visits to my grandparent's farm in Ireland, I knew there was also a story of growing up in Little Eversden Rectory

Then, after my mother died in 2018, I realized the link with my early life in Cambridgeshire was broken. She had continued to live close to my childhood home, but now I would have no reason to go back. This led me to revisit the world of my childhood in my imagination and tell some stories about my years as a Rector's daughter.


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