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Plaits 1
  1. Left over Right. Right over Left. Cat of nine tails, nine lots of plaits!
  2. Plaits ~ mothers', daughters', aunts'. Tangles that hurt ~ pain. Tasks you repeat daily.
  3. Women talking, chatting, gossiping. Talking about men, about not being understood, too much talk!
  4. Tasks, go slow, you'll be onto the next soon enough, children, meals, get lost in the process.
  5. Chinese, African, Scandinavian plaits, South American, Native American plaits, all over the world plaited heads.
  6. Things happening behind me, behind my back, pulling my head, not sure what's happening.
  7. Hairdressers, having hair cut, always too much too short, talking to images.
  8. Rights of passage, public ritual, ceremony. Plaits on show horses. After confirmation no more plaits.
  9. Haste, hurry get your hair done before the school bus goes without you!
When I ran out of studio space, I took the plaits to many different places, one of which was the seaside...
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